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Study Tips Chapter 1

Lesson 1:

  • List and explain the two popular theories that explain how and why people migrated to the Americas.
  • What are 3 results of the climate change that occurred around 15,000 years ago?
  • What was the first successful crop to be farmed in the Americas?
  • How did the establishment of agriculture change the lives of many early Americans?
  • Vocab: migration, nomads, cultures

Lesson 2:
  • List the 4 civilizations
  • Identify the location of each civilization
  • Defining features of each civilization (example the Incan civilization was built around war)
  • List Explain the popular theory about the decline of the Mayan civilization.
  • Vocab: civilization and theocracy

Lesson 3:
  • Identify the 3 mound building societies
  • How did the Hohokam adapt to the desert?
  • Identify the four corners region.
  • What did the Puebloans construct?
  • Identify/ analyze the Location, climate, nomadic/settled community, defining characteristics for the Northern, Western, Southwestern, Plains, Eastern, and Southeastern peoples.
  • What event occurred in 1492 that changed the lives of Native Americans?
  • Vocab: federations